About Us


We are happy to see you at this website and hope that you will enjoy the Punjabi Tappy Mahiye  given on our website.


Javed Bhai is The Founder of Tappy Mahiye started his carrier in Blogging and after the facebook page name “O Punjabi” but after a great success it was suspended. finally after a long gap Again He Started a new facebook named “Punjabi Tappy Mahiye” and decided to share his ideas with the world. he started write Punjabi Tappy Mahiye on various topics on website and finally designed this platform.due to interest in Punjab Heritage Punjabi Virsa Punjabi Tappy Mahiye, he selected blogging as a carrier.

Tappy Mahiye Mission :-

My Mission is a I am provide all about Punjabi Tappy Mahiye, status and funny status sharing thorough my website and I am try to make world’s best Punjabi Tappy Mahiye website to provide real Punjabi Virsa.

Contact Email:  tappymahiye@gmail.com